NarcAssist™: What is Narcissism?

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Welcome to NarcAssist – your resource for identifying, dealing with and distancing yourself from the narcissist in your life!  Wonder if the difficult person in your life is a narcissist? Here are six signs of Narcissism:

  1. Exaggerated view of themselves: Narcissists don’t see themselves through rose colored glasses. They see themselves through Rose Gold colored glasses! There is no person more successful, more important or deserving of praise then themselves in their minds. They don’t make mistakes – and therefore will never apologize.
  1. Self-centeredness: Although it is often well disguised, there almost always a hidden agenda behind the motives of a narcissist, which is to get their needs met. Your feelings, emotions, needs etc do not factor into this type of thinking, which makes compromise next to impossible.
  1. Excessive need for admiration: Because they view themselves so highly, they also expect that others will share the same perspective. Therefore, they surround themselves with people who work for or “under” them and are willing to give copious amounts of attention and praise, thus providing them with an unending “narcissistic supply.”
  1. Lack of empathy: Largely stemming from extreme self-centeredness, Narcissists display little to no empathy for the rights and feelings of others. This characteristic is often very apparent in conflict, when the narcissist will treat others as if they do not exist, turn stone cold in an argument and punish with excessive amounts of silence, sometimes days or weeks.
  1. Blaming: Narcissists do not take responsibility for their behavior. They are persuasive blamers who are often capable of convincing others that they are the victim, not the problem. Because they surround themselves with people who provide a steady narcissistic supply, there is always someone who will listen.
  1. All-or-nothing thinking: Also known as “Splitting,” Narcissists are not able balance two opposing ideas at the same time. They tend to view things as all good or all bad making rejection extremely painful and compromise nearly impossible.

Relationships with Narcissists tend go smoothly until you either disagree with them or leave them. Often times individuals don’t realize they are with a narcissist until there is conflict in the relationship. What begins as a simple disagreement, quickly escalates into a full-on war. Hell hath no fury like a Narcissist scorned!

Stay tuned to NarcAssist™, for more blog posts on identifying, dealing with and distancing yourself from the narcissist in your life.

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